Do you have a problem with your dog?

May I introduce to you our beloved Leon. A pitbull mix that entered our life in the beginning of 2014, by then he was 11 months old. He was labeled a problem dog. He had behavioral issues like charging people and biting, he was acting more or less like a spoiled brat.

Today he is a very much appreciated member in our pack. He’s the puppies best friend and Bengt’s helper in some of our consultations. He’s a handsome boy who loves to lay on his back in his dog bed snoring.

He gets to represent the good outcome of rehabilitating a dog with the help of our philosophy. He is one of many dogs that we have helped to have a better life. We have video clips on YouTube showing some of our rehabilitated dogs.

So, how can we help you and your dog? You can contact us by phone or email to discuss the issues you are experiencing with your dog. Usually for our clients in Sweden we will set up a meeting, however for clients outside Sweden we will work through phone and email to instruct you on ways to help you and your dog.

You will work at home following our instructions for a couple of weeks then we will speak again to see the progress. You can always call or email during this time for additional assistance.

Our goal is to help you and your dog to live a balanced, happy, and stress free life through the Shadow philosophy.

How is this done?

We will teach you how to act and communicate with your dog in a natural way so its instincts and needs tell it to follow you. To treat your dog with respect and kindness, an approach we learned from our own pack. To treat your dog as an animal and not a little human. To remove the responsibility to guard you and your home from visitors. To give it a calm and harmonious life without stress. By your body language you can remove the responsibility to guard the owner from perceived dangers. We remove the responsibility from our dog to be a guardian. We will together create a calm and harmonious existence for you and your dog where living with dogs is a source of happiness rather than stress and worries.